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Sweet Sweet Buslife: Skoolie Feature Friday

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Today’s Feature Friday – Sweet Sweet Buslife!

Today we’re focusing on a bus conversion that has a neutral scheme with some pretty unique touches. Plus, this bus has quite an entourage. Mix one beautifully converted skoolie with two adults, five kiddos, two dogs and a cat, and you have the crew of the @sweetsweetbuslife!

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What makes the Sweet Sweet Buslife skoolie so amazing? Let’s dive in.


Their bathroom is already an adorable little thing, but the shower on this bus is a showstopper. They replaced their ceiling with a skylight, allowing natural light to filter down into an otherwise darker, closed-off area. We can just imagine how amazing it is to take a shower at night in the desert with the stars above you!


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I’m a huge fan of minimalistic and clean kitchens, and theirs gives me alllll the right vibes. Neutral tones, stainless appliances, butcher block countertops, wood accents – it’s perfection. They also went above and beyond on an often overlooked part of bus conversions, the trim. Theirs is reminiscent of crown molding in older homes, and it adds such a lovely charm to the build.


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We are a huge fan of cozy bedrooms. Like their kitchen, the master bedroom is clean, well-built, and so cozy looking! We love the shiplap walls with their white trim. Every part of this bus speaks of craftsmanship and a lot of time invested.


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We chose to get rid of our washer/dryer combo because we hardly ever used it. With that amount of kids on board, however, you can imagine that a washer/dryer is a must on this bus! They’ve blended it seamlessly into their kitchen, where instead of taking away from the decor, it somehow elevates the overall feel.


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We love everything about this bus. The soft neutral tones with warm wood accents, the little personal touches throughout like that skeleton hand print in the kitchen, the built in shelves up front – it all just works for us. We could be a little biased, however, considering the fact that they totally have the same bathroom sink and faucet we do (twinning!).


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Sweet Sweet Buslife

Sweet Sweet Buslife is a skoolie conversion filled with an amazing family. Besides the amazing build, their Instagram is worth a follow simply to follow their adventures while raising their larger family in a small bus. They’re the real deal, as far as genuine people go – they recently did a giveaway of the drill they used in their conversion to help another family realize their dream. How lovely is that sentiment?!

So go follow @sweetsweetbuslife on Instagram!

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