• Looking for the five best places to see on the Oregon coast? Check out our top five favorites from our travels here! | www.sincewewokeup.com | Since We Woke Up
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    Five Places to See on the Oregon Coast

    The Oregon coast is one of our absolute favorite spots on earth. Winding along Highway 101 with the bus windows down, eating saltwater taffy, and jamming out to our favorite “Road Tunes” playlist will likely always be my favorite memory…

  • Since We Woke Up, the book, is a memoir about how living tiny in a school bus somehow created a bigger life than we ever could have imagined. | Since We Woke Up | www.sincewewokeup.com
    Book,  Featured

    Since We Woke Up, The Book

    Introducing Since We Woke Up, the book! Three years, hundreds of social media posts, thousands of miles, and more tears and moments of gratitude than I count, the story of our downsizing to find a bigger life is now a…

  • How do nomads make money while traveling full-time? Keep reading to learn how our favorite road-lifers earn an income while traveling! | Since We Woke Up | www.sincewewokeup.com
    Bus Life

    Ten Ideas to Make Money While Traveling

    One of the questions we’re asked most is how we make money while traveling. Growing up with the traditional nine-to-five job situation as our only model leaves the idea of making money on the road, being able to travel and…

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