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Our Skoolie Shopping List

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The questions we receive most are about where we purchased various items for or in the bus. We decided a post with everything in one place would be helpful, so here you have it – our skoolie shopping list!

We’ve broken it up into sections, so start scrolling and find what you need for your own build!


If you vibe with our style, here is a complete list of the decorative items you see in our Insta pictures. Everything from bedding to light and plumbing fixtures is in this section.


Our solar system was designed and installed under the supervision of my genius brother. We have a 600W system that charges via six panels, the alternator when we’re driving, and shore power when we’re near somewhere we can plug in. We’ve been able to run several computers, our TV and Playstation, and various other small electronics with no issue. Here’s the complete system!


We have two 40-gallon white water tanks, a ventless/ductless on-demand hot water heater, and a composting toilet which means we don’t have to have a black tank!


These are some odds and ends that we picked up during the build. There’s the feather finish concrete that cour counters and bathroom are built from, the little wheels that are on our bathroom door, the cork roll that created our corkboard map wall, and the awesome thermal window tint on all our windows.


Our bathroom has a pretty sweet washer/dryer combo!


Unfortunately, a lot of what stocks our kitchen was picked up from Ross and various other department stores, so we can’t link to it. I will continue adding to this section as we grow into our kitchen, but here are our favorite basics and the appliances we use.


All the various parts and pieces to vintage Jotul woodstove.


Not pictured are two 30-gallon propane tanks.


From the coconut fiber that fills our composting toilet, to mattresses and hookup cords, here is our list of random essentials that we can’t live without!


These weren’t strictly necessary, but every item on this list makes our lives a little easier!


We will continue to update our skoolie shopping list as we travel and change and grow into the bus.

The other question we get asked non-stop is how we afford to travel full-time, which is a whole other post! To see how we went from business owners in a three-story home in Billings, MT to digital nomads living in a school bus and traveling full-time, check out this post!

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