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Little House on the HWY: Skoolie Feature Friday

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Today’s Feature Friday – Little House on the HWY!

What is skoolie life all about, anyway?

In our minds, we chose skoolie life to break away from the societal expectations of success and the “right” way to live. For us, we appreciate the essence of skoolie life – freedom from debt, freedom to travel whenever we please, and freedom from being anchored down. Basically, we love the idea that home is wherever we decide to park Oliver for the day, week, or month.

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Sometimes, however, it can be easy to get caught up in the day to day minutia of life. Most of us aren’t blessed with an endless bank account and still have to make money somehow, which means working, worrying about money, and second-guessing whether or not you want to commit to a cross-country trip that will easily cost thousands of dollars in fuel.

That’s why this Friday, we want to give a huge shout out to Elizabeth and Richard from Little House on the HWY. These two get it. Between their wanderlust and overall joyful approach to life, we feel like everyone can learn something from this beautiful couple. They live to explore and seem to fuel themselves purely from the love they possess for one another. However, their skoolie is also something to behold. So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite highlights about their design!


Their kitchen is self-admittedly minimalistic. While this concept may stress out some of the more kitchen-oriented home shoppers, we believe it speaks volumes to the essence of skoolie life. They built the kitchen they needed, one that would serve all of their purposes, rather than pushing for maximum size and amenities. From their 4.5 cubic-foot fridges to their camp stove that they use across the sink, they really have everything they need.  It’s an intelligent, minimalist, and functional design that is absolutely charming.


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One of the most common questions skoolie owners get is “Won’t you miss having a yard?” Elizabeth and Richard’s answer was to simply insert a front yard at the entrance of their bus, showcasing both their ingenuity and their fantastic sense of humor.  Upon opening the front door to Little House on the HWY, you’ll find a stairway of grass leading the way inside.


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Elizabeth and Richard once had a couch where these two Flexsteel seats sit. However, as you may read in their post, the seats were given to them as part of the compensation for Richard loaning out his services to help redo the floor of a friend’s RV. While initially ambivalent about the chairs, this couple of Little House on the HWY deciding to give them a shot in their own bus. As it turns out, it was one of the best decisions they made, as the chairs can swivel in 360 degrees and lock facing the front of the bus, not to mention the ever-important seatbelts. These chairs also set their bus apart from any other skoolie, making their bus interiors one of the most easily recognizable in the community.


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As most people know (or would likely assume) living in a bus means making the absolute most out of your space. You need to be minimalistic, yet reserve enough room for storage and the simple pleasures of life. This can be made even more complicated by maintaining an open feel to avoid feeling claustrophobic. Elizabeth and Richard nailed the happy medium in their build. When you look down their bus from the entrance, it feels light, airy, clean, and open. This is partly due to the open floor plan and partly to their brave choice to keep all of their windows. It makes for amazing views and a bright aesthetic. We obviously approve this choice, as we tried to do the same!


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Who says wood paneling is out? Certainly not Elizabeth and Richard who have given new life to this classic design. Little House on the HWY is a beautiful blue with trimmed-out wood paneling, including on the windows! Their design is quirky, yet sophisticated. One thing we most appreciate about their look is how homey it makes their bus feel. Good job, guys!


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Want to find out more about Little House on the HWY? Head over to Elizabeth and Richard’s Instagram to get a better look at their amazing life and bus-build!

And if you’ve got a skoolie in mind you’d like us to feature, send us a message to info@sincewewokeup.com.

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