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Skoolie Feature Friday: Painted Buffalo Traveling Studio

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Today’s Feature Friday – Painted Buffalo Traveling Studio!

People often assume (albeit, correctly) that you have to be a bit touched in the head to break away from societal norms and move your entire life into a retired school bus. While the romantics of living in a school bus full-time (fewer bills, more freedom, travel, etc.) are often what draw people into this lifestyle, there is a hidden gem one finds upon diving headfirst into the skoolie community.

For us, the best part of the skoolie community is that it connects you with some of the most fantastically amazing people you could ever wish to find. Some take their newfound freedom and flee from society, which, to be fair, is quite understandable. There are others, however, who use their freedom, their resources, and their overwhelming compassion for other human beings to make a difference, to make other people’s lives better.

This Friday, we’re shining our spotlight on one of these admirably considerate and compassionate skoolie owners. Jessica Rambo is a United States Marine Corps veteran, and yes, that is legitimately her name (which Mike is insanely jealous of). She has built herself and her kids their very own skoolie, which she’s affectionately named The Painted Buffalo Traveling Studio.

This is what we most appreciate about her and her skoolie.


There is a bit of a Pinterest obsession when it comes to designing our homes for most of us. Don’t get us wrong, you can learn a lot, get inspired, or copy and paste projects right into your own home (or skoolie).

While Pinterest projects make for beautiful spaces, sometimes an artist’s unique and bold flavor can make all the difference. In the case of The Painted Buffalo Studio, Jessica’s artistic touch created one of the most epic and aesthetically captivating skoolies on the road!


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Above, we spoke of Jessica’s compassion.

This year, she’s initiated The Paint Can Project, which is geared towards helping veterans suffering from PTSD. Jessica fills repurposed ammo cans with art supplies and other products from veteran-friendly and owned companies and distributes them to military veterans.

As a veteran herself, she knows how important it is to break the cycle of PTSD.  Her goal is “to get veterans out into nature, art supplies in hand, telling their stories.” Keep up the amazing work, Jessica!

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When integrating your entire life into a school bus, one of the most challenging aspects is ensuring your kids have plenty of space and the comforts they deserve.

If you take even a single glance at the picture below, you can get a good idea of how important this was to Jessica. Her son’s bed is full of color, stuffed animals, toys, books, and (we’re assuming) happiness.


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The layout of your kitchen when designing a skoolie is incredibly important.

Not only will it be a huge focal point on your Instagram feed (if that’s important to you), but the kitchen is also considered the heart of the home, and for good reason. It’s one thing if you live alone, but when you’re preparing meals for multiple people, space, and functionality are vital.

Jessica has managed to create both a highly functional and wildly attractive kitchen. In the picture below, she mentions that the counters aren’t quite finished, but it looks great to us already!


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Sometimes it’s entirely the skoolie, but in this case, we feel the need to focus on the person behind the bus. Following Jessica’s IG account for the last six months has been a case study of her drive and work ethic.

She’s a full-time mom, helps out at Splendor Oaks, where she’s parked while building, designs online, practices her art, runs her charity, and, oh yeah – builds a school bus into a tiny home.


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Whether you want to learn more about the Paint Can Project, her little art studio on wheels, or you just want to get to know the huge-hearted woman behind the profile, head on over to Jessica’s Instagram to learn more about the Painted Buffalo Traveling Studio.

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