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Our Favorite Skoolie Bathrooms

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Today, we’re counting down five of our absolute favorite skoolie bathrooms!

While we’re pretty fond of our own wetroom-styled bathroom, and the layout in our little home on wheels, there are some pretty awesome skoolie bathrooms within the skoolie community. Today, we’d like to give credit where it’s due and feature five of our absolute favorite skoolie bathrooms from fellow nomads.

Without further ado – our top five favorite skoolie bathrooms!


Francesca and Nicholas aren’t just super cool people – they have a super cool bus with a killer bathroom. They opted for a split bathroom, with the toilet and sink on one side and the shower on the other. While this is a great way to keep the center aisle open, it can make it feel kind of disjointed.

Their split bathroom, however, is a perfect example of exactly how to execute this floor plan and keep it flowing. We LOVE the neutral tones and rock work.


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Courtesy of her personal profile, @runningwld_mama, comes this photo of the @wander_jah_buslife bathroom from a Down Under couple who converted a school bus to house their little family. With little ones, having a bathtub is such a timesaver, but you don’t find many in skoolie bathrooms. This low-set, minimalist tub is absolutely perfect in its size and simplicity.


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Speaking of tubs – this one is the best one I’ve ever seen in a skoolie. We’re talking spa-style vibes here, people. The metal Japanese soaking tub paired with raw wood and that cute little curved sink/counter are such a brilliant combo. The only thing that could possibly make this better would be a huge picture window with snow falling outside.


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I love this bathroom’s painted stock tank shower/tub combo, and the layout of space – but the real winner here was the genius idea to put their composting toilet next to their emergency side door for easy emptying.

That’s next-level planning right there.


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I love following this family’s travels – they’re amazing. But I super love their bathroom. Why?

Because any shower that has a skylight for a ceiling is totally alright with me. The copper pipe, that cute little sink – the whole thing just works for me. Again, especially that skylight. Because can you imagine showering under the stars at night?!


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We hope you enjoyed our favorite skoolie bathrooms feature! For more, you can also check out our favorite skoolie kitchens post!

Do you think we called it wrong? Got a skoolie bathroom that should be added to this list? Email us at info@sincewewokeup.com and tell us!

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