• Today we're featuring a skoolie from Indigo and Olive - a bus conversion with Mediterranean vibes, curved lines, and design details to love. | Since We Woke Up | www.sincewewokeup.com
    Feature Friday

    Indigo and Olive

    Today’s Feature Friday, Indigo and Olive, is one I’m just blown away by. I’m not sure I’ve seen another skoolie that feels so natural and “home-like” as this one. The vibe here is Mediterranean, minimalist, and clean. Lots of natural…

  • Today we're featuring the Dixie Tribe skoolie - a bus conversion with a breezy boho cottage feel! Check out this unique school bus conversion! | Since We Woke Up | www.sincewewokeup.com
    Feature Friday

    The Dixie Tribe: Skoolie Feature Friday

    This week for Feature Friday we’re featuring The Dixie Tribe – a skoolie from Bristol, England that masters the breezy cottage vibe and provides the perfect space for the family of four that call it home. Perhaps the coolest part…

  • Today we're featuring the Van Other Blog skoolie - a bus conversion that is so sleek and cleverly designed it's nicer than many homes! | Since We Woke Up | www.sincewewokeup.com
    Feature Friday

    Van Other Blog: Skoolie Feature Friday

    Today we’re featuring the Van Other Blog bus, a conversion I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting to be finished. The first semi-finished photos I saw of it promised a beautiful conversion full of thoughtful design details. What I didn’t expect was for…

  • Today we're featuring the Regretlyss skoolie, aka Lucky Bus! This bus conversion is small on space but big on style! Check it out here. | Since We Woke Up | www.sincewewokeup.com
    Feature Friday

    Regretlyss: Skoolie Feature Friday

    The Lucky Bus, as featured on the Instagram page Regretlyss, is one I’ve been looking forward to featuring for weeks now. It’s small on space, but big on style, and we love the straightforward layout, simple luxuries, and laid-back vibe…

  • Today we're featuring Our Van Quest - a clean and bright white skoolie conversion that has everything a family of four needs travel in style! | Since We Woke Up | www.sincewewokeup.com
    Feature Friday

    Our Van Quest: Skoolie Feature Friday

    You’d expect a van behind an account named Our Van Quest, and you’d be right – the account originally featured a gorgeous van build. However, as Jake and Gianna’s little family grew from three to four, they recognized the need…

  • Today we're featuring the Going Boundless skoolie - a bus conversion with an open layout, tons of amenities, and a luxurious vibe. See it here! | www.sincewewokeup.com | Since We Woke Up
    Feature Friday

    Going Boundless: Skoolie Feature Friday

    Today for Feature Friday we’re highlighting Going Boundless, a skoolie conversion that feels clean and open and has all the amenities of a larger home! This bus has an overall modern feeling, with bright white walls and subway tile throughout,…

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