Bus Travel

Notes and details from our bus travel. This includes the best places we've found and camped as well as overall travel guides to each state we've visited!

  • Looking for the five best places to see on the Oregon coast? Check out our top five favorites from our travels here! | www.sincewewokeup.com | Since We Woke Up
    Bus Travel

    Five Places to See on the Oregon Coast

    The Oregon coast is one of our absolute favorite spots on earth. Winding along Highway 101 with the bus windows down, eating saltwater taffy, and jamming out to our favorite “Road Tunes” playlist will likely always be my favorite memory…

  • Here are six places to visit during your Montana trip that will allow you to experience every one of its diverse landscapes and offerings. | Since We Woke Up | sincewewokeup.com
    Bus Travel

    6 Places to See on Your Montana Trip

    Montana offers one of the most varied landscapes within the lower 48. The fourth-largest state in the US offers breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, an abundant supply of rivers and lakes, and peaceful prairie landscapes. Here are six places…

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