• Wondering how the Awesome Burger from Sweet Earth Foods stacks up for summer grilling? Keep reading to learn more about this vegan meat replacement!

    Sweet Earth Foods: A Review

    When we were offered the chance to try out Sweet Earth Foods summer grilling favorites, we jumped at the chance. After all, finding the perfect meat substitute for old favorites is pretty much life goals for vegans. So when Sweet…

  • There are so many reasons that we choose to be vegan besides the obvious animal welfare. Here are our top five - and a few of them may surprise you! | Since We Woke Up | sincewewokeup.com

    Five Reasons We Are Vegan

    When folks learn we are vegan, the reactions are always interesting and range from minor curiosity to immediately dismissive to outright hostile – Mike, in all his muscular, bearded, deadlifting glory, has been called gay and unmanly repeatedly from the “manly…

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