Wait, what is the Feral Homestead, are you quitting bus life?

In a word, no. We love traveling in the bus and have no plans to settle back into a sticks and bricks home anytime soon. But we also love having the option to park for periods of time when it suits us, and we’ve been lucky to share a piece of land with family, coming and going as the mood takes us. It’s the best of both worlds, giving us both roots and wings (or wheels, more accurately).

After spending the last two years traveling and parking in turns, creating a tiny homestead in the middle of an urban setting between our travels, we’ve begun to look for a larger tract of land where we can create a sustainable, off-grid homestead all our own. In the same way we documented our journey from American Dream to tiny living on the road, we’d like to take you along with us as we search for the perfect place to someday put down deeper roots, practice the permaculture and off-grid solutions we will use there on the smaller scale available to us now, and create wares to sell from our little corner of the world.

Once upon a time, this little bus we’ve called home for over two years was just a dream on paper, an idea we couldn’t let go of. Right now, the Feral Homestead is just an idea, a larger vision we hold onto as we create a tiny version of it. And while we’re so excited to see it become a reality, just like bus life did, we’re also excited to show this humble beginning, and what’s possible in your own backyard. Because realized dreams are awesome, but so is doing what you can, where you can, with what you have available right now while you wait for the bigger picture to come into focus.

Welcome to the next chapter of our story, the Feral Homestead.

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