Feral Homestead is the online farm shop featuring offerings from Michael and Tawny McVay, also known as Feral Forge and Since We Woke Up online.

Once upon a time, we were just two run of the mill personal trainers, recommending protein shakes and running the gym we started in Billings, Montana. During the political season of 2016, we {like many others} took a good look around for the first time and realized we didn’t really understand what was taking place in the world.

We started questioning our life choices, the path we were on, and the meaning of the world and our place in it. It was in this sacred space of time we truly opened our eyes for the first time and saw the world around us clearly – and realized the American Dream we’d been sold and the priorities attached to it didn’t feel right to us anymore.

Realizing we were living someone else’s dream instead of our own, we put our home and business up for sale along with most of our belongings, bought a school bus, renovated it into a tiny home on wheels, and spent the next five years traveling. We documented that time on our social media, Since We Woke Up, and a book of the same name. In 2023, after several years of intentionally moving toward our new dream, it became a reality when we purchased land to build an off-grid homestead in Missouri.

Today, we still live full time in the school bus that’s been our home for over half a decade now, parked beside a spring-fed creek that purportedly has magic powers and surrounded by acres of abundant forest that teems with life. Our goal is to work with the land to create a self-sustaining homestead and food forest, and offer what we create here to you. At our farm shop, Feral Homestead, you’ll find hand-forged knives and jewelry made of recycled and repurposed steel and wood, handspun and woven fiber wearables and art, herbal blends and tinctures grown right here in our forest, and a host of other handmade goods crafted with intention.

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