Bus Build

Articles that include details of our bus build. You'll find how we built our skoolie conversion, including skoolie solar, skoolie plumbing, and other bus conversion tips and tricks we learned on the way!

  • If you're interested in herbs and are considering creating your own apothecary at home, consider these tips before you start for the best results. | Since We Woke Up | sincewewokeup.com
    Bus Build

    Creating Your Own Apothecary

    For quite a long time, we had an open shelf in our kitchen that didn’t really hold anything – partly because we didn’t have anything to put there, and partly because whatever was up there was required to come down…

  • One of the most daunting aspects of the build was the skoolie solar system. Hoping to help you in your build, we are breaking it down for you today! | sincewewokeup.com
    Bus Build

    Our Skoolie Solar System

    REReseaerch One of the most daunting aspects of the build, for us, was the skoolie solar system. There’s just so much that we didn’t know – all the necessary components, how much solar to aim for, how big to make…

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