Hi, I’m Tawny – one-time certified personal trainer, gym owner and life coach, certified Reiki healer, yogi enthusiast, vegan foodie, avid world traveler, raging empath and shameless coffee addict.

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All I’ve ever wanted from my life is to help people grow in theirs, and this blog is where I put everything I’ve learned into doing just that.

I’m a personal trainer married to a personal trainer, and once upon a time, we built a gym that housed a funky little tribe as utterly committed to the place as we were. Before that, we were in the nursing program together. I guess you can say that even before we “woke up”, helping people was always a priority for us.

The other half of that “we” is my slightly saner half, Mike. There are no words to describe the profound impact loving him has had on my life and who I am as a person, so instead of trying I will simply say he’s a viking, a larger than life warrior who speaks poetry and soul, a man capable of both incredible strength and indescribable beauty that sends fire through my veins and makes me believe there’s a higher power.

I’m also a mother; Aidyn is a flash dancing gamer hovering on the brink between boy and man, and Ely is an empathetic artist who’s handle on the world is years beyond her own. They made the decision to homeschool in order to graduate early, so I am privileged to spend my days learning all over again with them.

I am vegan, and most of the time prefer to eat raw. The exception is travel, when we sometimes make conscious decisions to eat something native to the area – because gelato in Rome can’t be missed. We watched a documentary once upon a time that changed our lives, and I haven’t eaten meat since that day. I try hard not to be a preachy asshole about this, but I should note that I’m incredibly passionate about the subject and it’s amazing how often the line blurs. Needless to say, animals are friends, not food.

We love to travel, and have made a conscious effort in the last two years to begin a lifestyle that includes a lot of it. Part of that effort included adopting a minimalist way of living that allows us to remain a little less tethered to any given place and spend our money on experiences instead of “things”.

Somewhere in the midst of waking up to the realities of life on this planet that propelled us into veganism and a minimalist lifestyle, I had my own personal moment of eye-opening clarity and realized I was so much more than I ever knew – that we all are. I started pushing the boundaries of my intellectual mind with subjects like quantum physics, stretched into new modes of belief that led to paths like becoming a certified Reiki healer and life coach, and realigned my life with my soul’s purpose.

I now live every day with a burning desire to grow into a person I can be progressively more proud of, to transcend all the daily bullshit we allow ourselves to be distracted by and focus instead on creating a person so in love with herself and her life that it radiates and transfers to everything and everyone she touches.

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.”

                                                   – Elsie De Wolfe

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