Influencer 101

The Influencer 101 eBook was written for people who are trying to create an online presence – starting a blog, creating a brand, building a following.

If you’ve already purchased the book, you’ll find links to the apps and services we mentioned in the book below, as well as other ways you can take what you learned further.

If you haven’t purchased the book yet and want to learn more, you can see it in more detail here.


We recommend quite a few apps and services that we personally use. They are:

Bluehost – a super easy to use and well-priced hosting service that allows you to start and build on your own domain name! You can also get an email address with your own name – no more non-professional looking gmail addresses!

WordPress – the platform this very blog is built on! Easy to learn and use, with a TON of useful plugins that simplify life for you. And if you start on Bluehost as the book recommends, it will walk you through installation!

WooCommerce – this store platform has an easy plugin on WordPress that will get you selling in no time. We pair ours with our own products, like the eBook, and those that we make through dropshipping companies like Printful.

Planoly – the best app for planning and curating a beautiful feed. We often get asked how our feed always looks so perfect, and Planoly is the answer! You can upload photos and move them around to make sure they look perfect before publishing.

Printful – this is the dropshipping platform that we use for our own merchandise. You just upload your designs, set prices, and Printful takes care of the rest. Next to affiliate marketing, this is the easiest set it and forget it source of income.


If you loved the information in the book, but either aren’t sure how to put it into practice or want to make sure you did it right, we have a couple of ways we can help you. And lucky for you, we currently ARE accepting new one-on-one clients!

A full set-up of your blog and social media accounts. If you aren’t sure where to start, we can help walk you through the entire process, from technical to design. This includes helping with plugin installations and special coding.

Price: depends on the project and the amount of work necessary.

Account management – complete content services for your social media accounts. If you’re a company with your account already set up and need help with your social media marketing, we can help you create and manage your social media account.

Price: $25/hour

Audits of a current blog and/or social media accounts for suggestions. If you’ve done all your homework and you just need someone to check it out for you, we can run an audit of your account and blog and give you feedback on what you’re doing well and what still needs work. The details matter, and having another pair of eyes looking at your content to make sure it’s what people want to see can make all the difference.

Price: $75

SEO services, including content creation. Have the blog or social media set up, but don’t know how or what to post? We can fill in the blanks for you! Our day jobs are based in content creation, where we write blog and social media posts and ad copy for other companies. If you need a handful of blog posts you can post, we can write them for you.

Price: $15/IG post with hashtags, $25/500 word post with links, $45/1,000 word post with links. All posts include editing and necessary revisions.

Other SEO and social media consulting for specific issues. Got an issue not listed here? Chances are, we can help. Contact us with your questions at

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