We get a lot of questions about the products that are seen on the bus, and decided to compile a reference page that included the products you see in our photos and videos as well as the products from companies we are affiliated with and endorse.

Cool bonus? When you order any of these items through the links on this page, you support our journey! We get a small kickback when one of our friends decides to purchase based on our recommendations. We promise that we use and love everything you’ll see on this page and our blog – but it’s a nice little perk to be paid for talking up the products we already use, so thank you!

You can shop our skoolie via our Amazon recommendation page. This is where you’ll find every single thing we’ve purchased off Amazon and use. From the items we used in our bus build to the decor, it’s all here.

We’re also huge fans of our Jackery 500, which powers our outdoor adventures. We’ve used it for charging our phones and cameras while camping, powering our laptops and MiFi while working off-grid, and for random things like listening to music outside while we chop wood or powering our electric blanket so we can lay outside on the roof and watch stars even when it’s cold.

We depend on Quora’s AFG Fireball to keep our home safe from fires, especially when we aren’t home and our Great Dane, Apollo, is left here alone. Knowing we have an automatic extinguisher to keep him and our little home on wheels safe gives us a peace of mind that is priceless.

We will continue to update this page as we find new items that we love, so check back next time you drop by! And thank you again – every little purchase helps us keep the wheel turning on this little bus we call home.

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